Yangambi is the impresario with African roots and is specialized in mediation of artists of African descent. In addition, Yangambi organizes and produces also events, advises and devises (new) concepts in the field of African art & culture. Dady Kiyangi is the force behind Yangambi and he aims to give the general public the opportunity to get in touch with the rich, contemporary art & culture of the African continent. He focuses on strengthening the development of African art & culture. The logo of Yangambi reflects a family tree for African art & culture. In other words, heritage! But what is the story behind it? When Dady Kiyangi was in search of a company name, he got inspired, several years ago, by a wonderful documentary about Congo River and the beautiful city Yangambi in the Democratic Republic Congo. During the colonial era, Yangambi was home to a research institutions specialized in the herbarium (a systemically arranged collection of dried plants) and agronomic science. Today there is a biosphere reserve under the United Nations flag. The documentary showed the hidden beauty of the rich and diverse country where he was born. His passion lies in art & culture and the idea in preserving that, is important to him. And this inspired him the most.
African arts & culture is our heritage!