iAfrica festival


07 Nov 2015 Amsterdam, North Holland (NL)


Time : 11:00
Venue : Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen
Address : Mauritskade 63
State : North Holland
Zip : 1092 AD
Phone : +31(6)11417435
Contact Email : info@yangambi.com
Contact Website : http://www.iafricafestival.com

iAfrica festival is an event in the field of art and culture on performing arts with high artistic quality with disciplines in the field of art, music, dance, (street) theatre . This event takes place annually and focuses on a wide national and international public.

Get to know the contemporary African art and culture. The theme of the first edition is about Congolese poetry and painting.
On November 7 2015 during Africa Day 2015 Yangambi presents the iAfrica Festival. The organizers of this festival partnered with FMS (www.foundationmaxvanderstoel.nl) to give the audience of Africa Day a glimpse in the rich African art and culture (music, dance, (street) theater, art and film).

With this festival, we want to acquaint the public with a new Africa that is characterized by economic progress. This is accompanied with high quality and innovative artists that are a product of these current developments on the African continent. The unique sound of these artists opposes to the global trend of neutralization of music.

The iAfrica Festival focuses on artists who create new forms. In various parts of the African continent new genres are created that build on centuries-old cultural traditions and reflect influences of modern global genres. We are not talking about the artists who only copy the global pop music genres, and which are often popular in their home country and abroad, as they often miss a critical view on current developments. This festival involves artists that retain elements of traditional genres and who are open to western or modern music genres. They work from an African identity and shine a new light on this identity.

In short, we want offer the real gems of Africa to a wider public. The iAfrica Festival is an interactive event where the public is encouraged to exchange ideas with the artists.

Performance by Badi

“Son of the colony, slavery’s kid, adopted by Europe”
Beyond his shyness, Badi is an unruly and disobedient pupil. He will be fired afterwards because school wakes his rebel side up, social classes and colors are too noticeable.

It is then logical and natural for Badi to put his roots first now.

Matonge album will talk about love, education, cultural melting-pot, skillfully mixing Congolese popular music samples and hip hop.


Performance by Jayson Levande

Exhibition by David Katshiunga

My Storm Gave Me My Story”

The artist David, paints on wood and uses no frame to maintain as much purity as possible. He creates something that lives and give his audience a feeling of hope through his work.