Noumoucounda Cissoko

In the hands of Noumoucounda Cissoko the Kora is hardly a contemplative instrument, as it takes on a life of its own to represent the new and dynamic pop scene in Dakar.

Noumoucounda could be described as the new Jimmi Hendrix of Africa, exploring the explosive possibilities of the Kora. During live performances he cleverly moves between genres, from the blues, jazz, and rock, of the West, which he laces with his own traditional, and Senegalese pop, Mbalax, and hip-hop. His sense of timing is impeccable, as he holds together the improvisations of his European collaborators in strict griot tradition.

Working on the Dakar hip-hop scene with Awadi Didier, and Positive Black soul he has always worked towards addressing social issues in his songs, and the new album ‘Faling” is no exception. Cleverly crafted with the Swiss musicians Phat 4, who add shades of jazz and reggae to the mbalax mix. The album addresses the unification of Africa. Love, and peace between nations, with guest appearances from sumptuous Tumi “Tumi and the Volume” in South Africa, Fredy Massamba of Congo among others.

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