Makali sounds

Makali Sounds is an afro-fusion band that depicts and identifies herself as ambassadors of the African music, beginning its journey from the east coast of Kenya transversing southern and all the way to the western Africa. To spice up (fusion) benga, chakacha, afrobeat, reaggae and soul & jazz among other worlds rhythm. Makali Sounds incorporate repetitive melodies and authentic lyrics, that involuntarily escalates the audience to a world of fun, joy and while learning from the diverse afro cultural world, but leaves you no option to sweep you away and just let you dance and feel good. Under the leadership of Mike Onyango from Kenya in the year 2007/8 the Makali Sounds was formed. The band adopts the rhythms from East, West and Southern Africa; more fusion, afro-soul, funky jazz reggae and more. Having studied music at the Conservatoires in Kenya and in the Netherlands, having toured with Kenya’s Popular musicians all that Mike needed was just to get the right musicians who share his vision and the will of being versatile and share the love for AFRICAN MUSIC… and together we bring out a UNIVERSAL SOUND as would be witnessed. and together we say “PLAYING MUSIC IS LIKE LIFE ITSELF.

For booking: info@yangambi.com


Samarkand. uzbekistan
Anna Mlechko
robert laiber