David Ngala known as ND, was born 14th June 1988 in Mbuji Mayi in the Rubplic of Congo and moved at the age 4 with his Grandmother to the Netherlands, where he has taken, as his Home Country.

ND is a recording artist, performing artist, song writer likewise a beat Producer. He started singing at his young age in the Church Choir, where he played different types of instruments and later developed the interest in producing musical beats that made him also a music beats Producer. After he discovered his wonderful talent in Music Productions, then he decided with his childhood friend “Oliveira” to open a music production company called FENOMENAL PRODUCTIONS

The FENOMENAL PROJECT was a completed Album joint project of ND & Oliveira in 2007 that was made for a MUSIC GROUP based in Belgium, of which the fellowing tracks were hits; “Mijn Bekentenis”, “Follow Me” and “Like This”.

The Music Group decided to name their group FENOMENAL because of the success of FENOMENAL PROJECT.

Hit track „Like This“ pulled massive attention that made „K-Liber Life“ requested for a remix with Fepro Music. In the same year 2007 ND & Oliveira dropped their Debut Single “Handen in de lucht” together with the video clip. ND has done shows opening for “Fat Man Scoop” and “TQ” as well as performed at “Afrodeluxe” and “Afrodisiaq” parties, likewise at charity rallies like “De 3fm Uganda special”.

ND won the “Video Virus” in 2010, an important regional competition for talented musicians that the song “Mon Coeur” (French for “My Heart”) had more than 40,000 views in less than two weeks on YouTube, thereafter doors got opened of show opening of National and International Artists like “Nelson freitas”, “Timaya”, “Kaysha”, “Damaru”, “J-Martins“, “Donae’o”, “Keshe” etc…

Kenny B en Benaissa decided to approach ND to produce for them a beat ”Yu Faya”, of which the song Yu Faya became a hug success. „Yu Faya“ stormed in the Charts and was a number #1 hit for over 8 weeks in Suriname. And the Radio Station FunX in the Netherlands picked the song “Yu Faya” on Alarmschijf van de week. However, the music video “Yu Faya” had over 50,000 views on You tube.

In 2013, ND fully went solo and had the chance to work together with “Ray Neiman” with the super hit track „Viens“ and also with Royston Williams (better known as Lyrical from Amo Lab), known from the hit “Energy”. “Wine Fi Mi”- Royston Williams X ND X DJ MBA produced by ND and FunX the track was came in as a FunX Tip.

ND released in March 2004 „Na Ku Penda“ off his album LAST MAN STANDING, ND has completed his Debut Album there are more surprises on this revealing and incredible album..!In a parallel range, Ray Neiman ft. ND on a track with the video clip off his album “Tu Me Rends Fou” (In French: “You make Me Crazy”) that became a Club banger in the Netherlands, France and Belguim track entered at the same time entered in the FunX Chart in March and became on number #2 in the Xchart in April 2014.

ND is a determined Artist that has love for music, for other Artists and has no platform for setbacks. He acts from the point of view: “Do not dream your life, live on your dreams”, which is also his life motto.

For booking: info@yangambi.com

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