Fredy Massamba

Fredy Massamba is a Congolese singer and percussionist with exceptional talents. He was co-founder of the world’s famous « Tambours de Brazza » with which he traveled around the world several times. He then worked in Belgium together with Zap Mama, Didier Awadi, Manou Gallo and the United States with Bilal, Mos Def and The Roots. In March 2010 he released a first CD of his hand  » Ethnophony “, then a second in 2013 with the album  » Makasi  » for which he received the SABAM Award for Best World Music. His music can be described as a balanced mix of soul, hip-hop, funk and traditional African polyphony. Also typical is the use of his voice as an instrument in analogy of Zap Mama. 2015 was an extremely productive year for him with the release of no less than 3 albums:  » Nzimbu « ,  » Karavan  » (gospel using Arno’s repertoire) and Askanyi.

For booking: info@yangambi.com

Samarkand. uzbekistan
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