Baddy Mohapi

Baddy Mohapi, I’ve always been an over active child, very talented but couldn’t study the techniques of how I can be an even better performer/artist. I studied Human Resources Management, and Graduated a Diploma, mainly because my Parents wanted me to study something that will guarantee me a job for future preferences, but deep inside I had an urge to do something more with this gift I had inside of me to perform. So here’s my path that led me to where I am; 1- Playing a lead character (theatre- The Place Of Love) 2- Sang in a Choir (Tshwane Gospel Choir) 3- Auditioned for South African Idols (Top 74) 4- I got casted in a short film as a Support Lead (Beneath the Art) After all of that I found myself in the corporate world working as a sales Administrator, I was very unhappy but I made changes I went and Auditioned for The Musical “The Lion King” and got Casted for the Netherlands Production. It has been a beautiful journey of self-discovery and I’m proud of every moment of it. For

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Samarkand. uzbekistan
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