Yannick Jean

Yannick Jean is a Dancehall/afrobeat artist whose sound is influenced by the likes of african legends such as Franco Luambo, 2 Baba , Fela Kuti and more.

Yannick Jean was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo during the Mobutu era and few years later he moved to Nigeria where he developed his love for sounds. As a kid Yannick Jean played drums in a gospel band which later gave him the opportunity to team up with Lagos Island super producer Dyclau Kalonji also known as “DYC” to work on records. Yannick Jean describes his style as the African humanistic  concept “Ubuntu”. Most of  Yannick Jean’s lyrical contents speaks about love,oneness and how we can come together through music,in respective of our difference,and be in the HERE and NOW.

Currently studying in the Netherlands is one of the most promising african artist whose voice is a message of love and gratitude. Check out his new single titled “African lady” which he dedicates to all the African women around the world !.


For booking: info@yangambi.com

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