Afro-Chique meetsl party. Wear your best outfit and be ready to be blown away! Wanna party like black dandy do in metropolitan cities like New York, Paris, London, Brussels, Kinshasa, Abidjan or Cape Town? Then come to the Chique & Rebel party! We’re offering Afrohouse ,Funk & R&B! And you’ll get a night to remember!

Dress code: The best of both worlds “Chique & Rebel”

Chique stands for that special, sexy little dress or that cool shirt you like to wear for special occasions. When you wear that outfit, you’ll feel very good about yourself. You keep your head up high and you have a big smile on your face, coz this is your day! Your whole demeanour is that of a true winner. Troubles on your mind? Hell No!

A true Rebel gives his clothes his own signature. Let’s say that you’re wearing a classic black suit as a man, however instead of wearing a white handkerchief, you go for a pink one! That, we call rebel! A true Powerful Lady already knows what being a rebel means. Show that side to us at the Chique & Rebel gig!

Prepare to be amazed!